100 Pushups: little habits leading to bigger success

100 is a significant number. For me anyway. As I rapidly accelerate through middle age, I realize I’ve been dropping good habits but hanging on to the bad ones with a white knuckled death grip. The results have been… unsurprising. So I’m working on building new habits. One of them is doing 100 pushups a … Continue reading 100 Pushups: little habits leading to bigger success

Building a Garage Gym that Pays for Itself

Have you seen and envied those home or garage gyms on social media? The ones that look like someone ordered one of everything from Rogue's website? Maybe you thought about building one yourself, but didn't have a spare kidney to sell so you've given up on the idea and keep going to your local gym. … Continue reading Building a Garage Gym that Pays for Itself

Time to Lift

I grab the bar and wrap my fingers around, feeling the knurling grip into my skin. A pause and then, with hands positioned on the bar, I duck underneath and stand up until the bar presses into my back. Standing up a few inches further, the bar comes away from the rack and I back up. … Continue reading Time to Lift

Being An Encourager

It's painfully human to think of ourselves as "normal". So when it comes to running or lifting or cycling, it's all too easy to think that those who aren't in as good of shape or as skilled as ourselves are lazy slackers and those better than us as genetic freaks or simply lucky. It's much more difficult … Continue reading Being An Encourager

What Should Be My Next Half-Marathon?

Other than finishing my first half-marathon on August 6th, this month is on track to be the least I've run since October 2016. And there was a pretty low bar in some of those months since then. I rested both the week before and the week after the half. Then, I've really only run on the … Continue reading What Should Be My Next Half-Marathon?

Tracking Fitness with a Proactive Dashboard

When it comes to fitness, I'm a bit of a data hound. But after years of effort, I just found out I've been doing it all wrong. I have at least a decade's worth of exercise logs, I've been tracking and graphing my weight since 2002, and I create a food log every time I get … Continue reading Tracking Fitness with a Proactive Dashboard

New Shoes! New Shoes!

Three hundred and twenty-nine miles or so and it was clearly time to replace my favorite running shoes. Actually, it was time a few miles before that. I had not looked at the soles in a while and a quick glance showed all was not well. The tread looked like the tires on a junkyard … Continue reading New Shoes! New Shoes!

Half-Marathon Done. Barely.

So it's official. #IAMABADASS. At least, that's what my finisher medal reads. I didn't feel like much of a badass. I don't feel much of anything really. Except for my legs. Those I FEEL.      *     *     *     *     * Last year, I signed up and … Continue reading Half-Marathon Done. Barely.

Favorite Things: Plantronics Backbeat FIT

Fitness clothing and gear are highly personal and always involve a balance of cost, fit, durability, plus personal preference. What works great for one person can often inspire only indifference or even misery for another. With that in mind, I'd like to share some of my favorite things and would love to hear about yours. I … Continue reading Favorite Things: Plantronics Backbeat FIT

Do You Know Why There Aren’t Many Races in Texas in August?

"It's driving me nuts," I complained to my boss. "Doing a nine mile run was no problem while on vacation in Idaho three weeks ago and here I can barely manage three miles before I have to walk. My body just doesn't tolerate heat the way it did when I was younger and fitter." My boss, … Continue reading Do You Know Why There Aren’t Many Races in Texas in August?