Time to Lift

I grab the bar and wrap my fingers around, feeling the knurling grip into my skin. A pause and then, with hands positioned on the bar, I duck underneath and stand up until the bar presses into my back. Standing up a few inches further, the bar comes away from the rack and I back up. I take a moment to position my feet, then tighten my core and squat down. As I rise back up, I feel my legs working, straining against the weight. The rhythm in my headphones churns and drives relentlessly forward. I stand straight, feel the bar on my shoulders, take a breath, and repeat. Bliss.

It’s been three months and three months is far too long. May 25 was the last time I picked up the weights and I have been itching for today to come. I took the summer off from lifting to focus on training for a half-marathon. Well, that and working out in my garage gym becomes a bit less awesome in the Central Texas heat.

And it’s been driving me nuts.


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