100 Pushups: little habits leading to bigger success

100 is a significant number. For me anyway. As I rapidly accelerate through middle age, I realize I’ve been dropping good habits but hanging on to the bad ones with a white knuckled death grip. The results have been… unsurprising.

So I’m working on building new habits. One of them is doing 100 pushups a day. Not all at once – though I’d like to build up to that – but in sets of 20 or 25 throughout the day during work.  It doesn’t take long, it’s easy to fit in between meetings, and it gets the blood pumping again if I’ve been sitting at my desk too long.

It doesn’t replace lifting weights. BUT, where lifting requires specialized equipment, at least an hour of time, leaves me exhausted and sweaty, and requires scheduling into a very busy day, my pushup habit can be done in work clothes, in my office, takes barely a minute, and supports my bigger efforts. From experience, I know that after a few weeks of pushups, my bench and overhead presses improve.

That’s the type of habit I’m trying to build in all aspects of my life. Effective, yet so easy to do there’s no excuse not to.

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