Off The Rails

When it breaks, it breaks big.

I’m at a two day conference in Austin, TX. Before leaving, I diligently packed baggies full of vitamins, protein powder, apple slices, pumpkin seeds, and green drink. I was ready. But the conference is apparently being held at the only place in Austin that can’t figure out vegetarian food. (Really?)

So, I snack on a pretzel or two. And maybe a chocolate chip cookie.

All right. Not going to full-on strict diet mode, but I can save this. I decide that since I’m fudging on my diet anyway I’ll go have tacos for dinner. Because: 1) Austin; and 2) the conference dinner is at a sausage house?!?.

After an HOUR of being stuck in traffic and traveling – maybe – six miles, I return to my hotel room extremely frustrated and with a bag of peanut butter cups, pop tarts, and beer from the corner mini-mart because all the taco places were closed or completely packed with people. Sigh.


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