Silly Little Changes

I’ve made a couple of small changes to my exercise plan that seem so painfully obvious I’m a bit embarrassed to even mention them.

Every now and then there is a nice evening where I’m able to get off on time and don’t need to rush home to get kids or make dinner.  However, I don’t like running through my neighborhood in the evening when everyone is zooming past in earnest desperation to shave seven seconds off their commute. And, honestly, once I’m home I get distracted by other things that seem more important (or fun) than exercise. So, I’ve started keeping running clothes and an old set of running shoes in my desk at work. There is a great running path near my office and now I can just change clothes at the end of the day and run.

Typing this, I’m thinking I might just want to keep a packed duffel bag in my car at all times so I can run whenever the opportunity strikes.

The other duh-simple change I’ve made is where I run in the mornings. When I try to run from my house, I’m not awake enough to run first thing so I usually wake up early and read a bit. Then, I either fall back asleep or get so engrossed in the book I decide I can put off running for a day and keep reading. So, I’ve started going in to work early and running on trails near my office, then showering at the fitness center. The drive in gives me time to wake up and I don’t get distracted with sleep or reading. Plus, I really prefer the trails to my neighborhood. And it only took me three years to figure this plan out… d’oh!

Amazing how two small, simple (and obvious) changes make such an oversized difference. Both are the difference between me running or me finding excuses and having best of intentions for tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Silly Little Changes

    1. And it only took me three years to take advantage of it… 🙂 Plan B would be an inexpensive gym membership that I would use mainly for the locker room/showers. Better than the showers are the walking/running trails along the river. It’s very pretty and I don’t have to dodge cars.

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