Simple Fitness Idea: 100 Pushups A Day

Every day at work I try to do at least 100 pushups. Not all at once (not yet!), but spaced throughout the day. It started as five sets of 20-25 but has shifted as I get stronger. I now do three sets of 35-45 and earlier this week I hit a goal of doing 50 in a set.

Borrowing from Pavel Tsatsouline’s “grease the groove” method, I almost never go to failure. I just do a set that is difficult, but very doable. For example, if a set of 30 is my max, I’ll do a set of 25. Over time, the amount I’m comfortable doing has steadily increased.

Doing a set only takes a few minutes so I can do it between meetings, I never break a sweat so it’s easy to do in business clothes, it gets the blood pumping and helps clear my head, it’s an excuse to get out of my chair for a minute, and it is improving my strength.

I’ve yet to find a downside and I imagine there are a lot of exercises that could be done this way. Pull ups, ab wheel, grip strengtheners, dumb bell or kettle bell curls or presses, etc.

What are some simple ways you build exercise into your day?



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