cropped-img_20141126_133515.jpgThings have to change and I started this site as a place to play with ideas and share thoughts as I journey down the road to fitness.

I raced motocross in my teens, mountain bikes and cyclocross in my early thirties, and tried to do some big and new physical challenge every year or so.

Then came the desk job. And kids. And a comfortable paycheck. And living in Central Texas where summers are best spent indoors huddled next to the air conditioner. And that began a downward spiral where I got a little out of shape and then it wasn’t as fun or easy to lift or bike or run so I did them less, which made me a little more out of shape, which inspired me to do less, which… you get the idea.

Now in my late 40s, I really enjoy picking up heavy things, pedaling hard on singletrack, and getting lost in my thoughts while trail running. I just don’t do any of it enough.

Maybe we can inspire each other.