Off The Rails

When it breaks, it breaks big. I’m at a two day conference in Austin, TX. Before leaving, I diligently packed baggies full of vitamins, protein powder, apple slices, pumpkin seeds, and green drink. I was ready. But the conference is apparently being held at the only place in Austin that can’t figure out vegetarian food. … Continue reading Off The Rails

Quick Fitness Update

Update: my progress is progressing. That sounds silly, but it's true. I am starting to create an upward spiral where little successes feed into bigger successes. The more I improve my fitness, the more energy and desire I have to do more things that will improve my fitness. Updates: After doing my first half-marathon on … Continue reading Quick Fitness Update

Losing Weight is Only Half the Battle

  Losing weight is easy. I've done it a dozen of times. Of course, I’ve also gained it a dozen plus one times. Unfortunately, that was pretty easy too, so I'm needing to lose weight yet again. How Did I Lose Weight in the Past? As I focus on getting fit again today, it’s helpful … Continue reading Losing Weight is Only Half the Battle