Building a Garage Gym that Pays for Itself

Have you seen and envied those home or garage gyms on social media? The ones that look like someone ordered one of everything from Rogue's website? Maybe you thought about building one yourself, but didn't have a spare kidney to sell so you've given up on the idea and keep going to your local gym. … Continue reading Building a Garage Gym that Pays for Itself

Time to Lift

I grab the bar and wrap my fingers around, feeling the knurling grip into my skin. A pause and then, with hands positioned on the bar, I duck underneath and stand up until the bar presses into my back. Standing up a few inches further, the bar comes away from the rack and I back up. … Continue reading Time to Lift

Being An Encourager

It's painfully human to think of ourselves as "normal". So when it comes to running or lifting or cycling, it's all too easy to think that those who aren't in as good of shape or as skilled as ourselves are lazy slackers and those better than us as genetic freaks or simply lucky. It's much more difficult … Continue reading Being An Encourager