Quick Fitness Update

Update: my progress is progressing. That sounds silly, but it's true. I am starting to create an upward spiral where little successes feed into bigger successes. The more I improve my fitness, the more energy and desire I have to do more things that will improve my fitness. Updates: After doing my first half-marathon on … Continue reading Quick Fitness Update

Being An Encourager

It's painfully human to think of ourselves as "normal". So when it comes to running or lifting or cycling, it's all too easy to think that those who aren't in as good of shape or as skilled as ourselves are lazy slackers and those better than us as genetic freaks or simply lucky. It's much more difficult … Continue reading Being An Encourager

Half-Marathon Done. Barely.

So it's official. #IAMABADASS. At least, that's what my finisher medal reads. I didn't feel like much of a badass. I don't feel much of anything really. Except for my legs. Those I FEEL.      *     *     *     *     * Last year, I signed up and … Continue reading Half-Marathon Done. Barely.

Do You Know Why There Aren’t Many Races in Texas in August?

"It's driving me nuts," I complained to my boss. "Doing a nine mile run was no problem while on vacation in Idaho three weeks ago and here I can barely manage three miles before I have to walk. My body just doesn't tolerate heat the way it did when I was younger and fitter." My boss, … Continue reading Do You Know Why There Aren’t Many Races in Texas in August?